Tim Murawski: Helping Pave The Way For The Future Of Surgery

Tim Murawski is doing big things in management and marketing in order to help pave the way for Augmedics technology. Since Augmedics is a pioneer in the field of medical technology, it is a very big responsibility placed on his shoulders. However, he has plenty of experience and wisdom to offer. Timothy Murawski got his education from Western Illinois University. 


The successful entrepreneur Murawski has spent over two decades in the medical and healthcare industry, primarily focused on robotics in the medical field. Whether it is leading, managing, or developing, Tim Murawski has left his mark in the world of healthcare technology. Murawski first worked at Baxter Healthcare before branching off into roles at companies such as Mazor and Hansen Medical Inc. For the most recent 15 years, Tim Murawski has been dedicated to watching the implementation of medical robotics become a widespread reality in the United States of America.


He is now working as the CCO of Augmedics with a focus on bringing robotic medical technology into the United States markets. He is currently based out of the Greater Chicago Area. Augmedics is a company based out of Chicago that aims to better the field of medical technology by augmenting surgery in ways that fix unmet needs. For example, Tim Murawski explains, their xvision Spine system allows the medical technician wearing the device to visualize the 3D spinal anatomy of the patient during surgery.

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