CARROLL Founder M Patrick Carroll Acquires a $200 Million Property In Las Vegas

M Patrick Carroll, the founder of CARROLL a real estate establishment with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia is a happy man. For over three years, M Patrick Carroll has been planning, researching, and deliberating intensely on how he’ll penetrate the Las Vegas market. However, September 2021 proved to be the happiest month to the investor. Of course, Patrick is not […]

: Gordonstoun School: The History of Dr. Kurt Hahn and the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Dr. Kurt Hahn was a German educator and philosopher with a vision for education to change the world. He spent his childhood in exile, traveling around Europe as part of his father’s diplomatic service. This experience had a profound influence on him, which is apparent through his future accomplishments in finding Gordonstoun School. He created many initiatives, such as the […]

Heath Ritenour Gives Insight on Renters Insurance

Heath Ritenour notes that it is important for tenants to know the difference between renters insurance and landlord’s insurance. Heath Ritenour notes that there is no specific legal requirement for a renter to purchase renters insurance. The landlord’s insurance will cover the building and included equipment only, while renters insurance will protect the tenant’s particulars from various incidents such as […]