Lifewave Founder and CEO David Schmidt

David Schmidt is a longtime entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of LifeWave. After a long and successful career in technology, Schmidt went on to start up LifeWave in an effort to improve people’s health. Shortly before starting his business, Schmidt came up with an idea to develop a nutritional supplement that would help people increase their energy levels. Read more: Lifewave […]

 How Marwan Kheireddine is Incorporating International Laws in Lebanon’s Banking System

There are some sensitive industries that need to abide by international laws. In this case, the industries operating in such sectors ought to ensure that they have adhered to such policies so that they can remain competitive and relevant in their operations. A good example of an industry that has to adhere to international laws is the banking sector. This […]

 Vijay Eswaran Business Insights

Vijay Eswaran is known for his unique way of thinking and applying knowledge to his life. He is a self-made businessman who had no lucks or privileges in hand, but he has worked hard every day to get where he is today. According to Vijay Eswaran, business is at the center of any economic system, and business is about creating […]

How Ryan Bishti Revamped Up A Theater

Entertainment has significant importance in bringing life into a community and location. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, entertainment joints were closed down to prevent the spread of the virus. The reopening of entertainment joints has revitalized community life.    This is the same effect that was felt when Windmill theater reopened its doors to the public. Soho’s community […]

Joseph Ashford Founds The Butterfly Foundation to Help People Suffering from Epidermolysis bullosa Disease in Bournemouth

Joseph Ashford’s childhood didn’t have any sweet childhood memories; all he can remember are the saddest ones. His childhood was full of challenges and difficulties. He grew up in the Bournemouth area of London. But Joseph Ashford learned from these challenges and they sharpened him to be who he is today. He has been working day and night to give […]

 Rizhao Steel Sold by Du Shuanghua in 2010

As with many other industries in China, the steel industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. Rizhao Steel Co., Ltd was sold to Shandong Steel Group Co., Ltd for $3.2 billion (USD) on December 28th, 2010. Both organizations wanted to increase their competitiveness in a highly competitive market. This article will use Du Shuanghua as an example to illustrate […]