2026 World Cup Planning Consumes Robert Kraft

The majority of U.S. sports fans know Robert Kraft as the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots. However, for FIFA, Kraft is the man who delivered the most successful soccer World Cup of all time. The Harvard Business School graduate was one of the first entrepreneurs to see the potential crossover between sports and entertainment. As the owner of several radio stations and TV channels, Kraft understands the need for effective planning before a major event.

In 1994, the FIFA World Cup arrived in the U.S. with the nation not having a professional league to its name. Despite the worries about the lack of interest in soccer in the U.S., the tournament still holds the records for the average number of fans attending games. The U.S. will share hosting duties with Mexico and Canada. 17 stadiums in the U.S. are vying for the right to host matches at the World Cup. Robert Kraft and his Gillette Stadium are thought to be locked into one of the positions as the host city because of the Northeast’s position as a soccer hotbed.

The infrastructure of the U.S. will go through several upgrades that could prove costly in a post-COVID-19 landscape. However, Robert Kraft points to the prestige and financial benefits of hosting the tournament as reasons for investing in soccer. Kraft is investing in the infrastructure at Gillette Stadium, which he has owned since 1988. Kraft owned land around the stadium and saved the Patriots from losing their stadium and moving out of state in the late-80s.

FIFA has a history of flying the best grass experts in the world to host cities long before each World Cup begins. Gillette Stadium is currently using artificial turf and needs to upgrade a disused irrigation system if Robert Kraft is to deliver a tournament to match USA ’94. Refer to this page for more information.


Find more about Kraft on https://www.bloomberg.com/billionaires/profiles/robert-k-kraft/