A Leading American Businessman, Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft also Robert Kenneth Kraft is an American sportsman, American industrialist, and establisher of the Kraft Group. Since being born on June 5, 1941, Kraft has been dedicated to ensuring other firms rise to global ranks. Besides Kraft Group, Robert is also the chief executive officer and president of the New England Patriots gridiron football team. Robert Kraft has been at the frontline ensuring the Patriots rises and thrive to greater levels becoming one of the best teams in the Franchise National Football League.

Kraft did not come from a rich background. He was raised up by a dad who managed and owned a clothing business. He joined Columbia University where he earned his bachelor’s degree and later Harvard Business School for an M.B.A. After his higher education, he started his career ventures at Rand-Whitney, a company dealing with the manufacture of packaging paper.

The firm’s operations were being overseen by Kraft’s dad, Jacob Hiatt. It is while serving in the company that Kraft developed an interest in entrepreneurship co-founding the International Forests Trade Products that traded in the paper, pulp, and wood. In 1998, he came up with Kraft Group, a holding firm for International Forest Products and Rand-Whitney.

Robert Kraft also ventured into the sports sector, starting with one of the worlds’ tennis leading teams, Boston Lobsters. He took over the team as its owner in 1975 together with all its partners. Ten years later, Kraft leased the Boston Lobsters tennis team. Three years later, he bought a stadium together with other stakeholders and entrepreneurs.

Robert Kraft, the owner of Patriots has played a significant role in ensuring that the team performs to its best and meets its standards. Since taking over, the team has managed to record top-notch results participating in the Super Bowl. To improve the team’s operations, Kraft decided to hire a coach, Bill Belichick to work towards ensuring it meets its fans’ expectations. Refer to this article to learn more.


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