A Real Estate Leader Who Forged His Own Path in South Florida

Stephen Bittel, the founder chairman of Terranova Corporation, is a successful businessman with several accomplishments. He is a major commercial real estate business in southern Florida, with customers such as Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and BlackRock Realty. Bittel, a Miami native, devotes most of his time to community service. He has previously served on the boards of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, the Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation, and Teach for America Miami.

During the early 1990s, Bittel was working for a commercial real estate firm to make ends meet. Then he realized that he could replicate the personalized services offered by European private banks for offshore investors in the U.S. His steadfast work ethic and dedication led him to start the company in his home office while he attended law school. In 1998, he passed the Florida bar exam and launched the company.

Following graduation, Bittel worked as an attorney at a local commercial real estate firm while pursuing his law degree. During his second year of law school, he founded Terranova Corporation, a real estate firm that he operated out of his home.

The name of the company reflects the nature of the company. The company’s logo, which is inspired by an art student at the University of Miami, is an icon that evokes a sense of adventure and discovery. As a self-described “workaholic,” Bittel has guided the company through numerous storms throughout his 41-year career. In the first two years of the business, the entrepreneur began working out of his home office and has now grown the company to eight million square feet of space.

The name of the company is Latin for “new world”. It represents the investment opportunities in the United States. As a founding partner, Terranova has been instrumental to the economic growth of Florida. He has been successful in his business for the last decade and is known for his passion for entrepreneurship. There is no shortage of other ways to engage with the founder of the Terranova Corporation. He is also active on LinkedIn and Medium.

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