All About Justine Halladay

Justin Halladay is living his dream life; a happy family, a rewarding career, and lots of free time.

But it was not always this way; he has come a long way.

The business mogul had to grind hard and climb the ladder of success.

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For fifteen years, this tech guru has worked for all cadres of tech companies, the small ones with less than 500 employees (where he worked as a customer service provider) to working for big names like Morgan Stanley Dee.

Being a college dropout, Halladay admits that he has had to gain proper knowledge and experience to out-perform his college graduate counterparts.

Work and Life

The father of three kicks off his day by having a family devotion with his wife and kids- time with Jesus as he puts it- then hits the gym as he plans his day.

He then spends time with his kids after work.

Halladay attributes his success mainly to his network.

He admits the best decision he ever took was to befriend people who are better than himself.

Talking about the importance of good associations, he says,” it is not what you can do but knowing who can help you do it.”

Justin Halladay also acknowledges that consistency and tenacity have played a significant role in his success- there can be no success without being consistent with what you do.

The young entrepreneur hopes to make a billion dollars someday and believes that setting goals, writing them, and reading them every day motivates you to work towards achieving them.

Besides this, he encourages the community to read the Bible as it has solutions to everyday problems- even business-related ones.

After all, some of the world’s most outstanding entrepreneurs read the Bible.

He also doesn’t see any problem in being a copycat, only copying the right cat!

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