Joseph Ashford Encourages Investors to Incorporate Investments into their Personal Lives

In London, there is a traditional approach that most business owners have been using to run their businesses and to run their families. This approach involves separating the two aspects, which means that an individual has to adopt a different face when they are running their organizations and a different one when they are handling their personal lives. Joseph Ashford […]

Digital Eye Strain According to Tom S Chang MD

Technology has both advantages and disadvantages. Commonly used digital gadgets that demand long screen times may not be eye-friendly. Such long exposures to the blue light emitted from the devices may lead to eye strains; hence, digital eye strain. Digital eye strain is a term used to describe vision or eye issues related to prolonged use of electronic gadgets. The […]

Lifting weights

I remember the first time I was put into a serious hold by someone smaller than me. I was stunned at how mastery of body mechanics left my overall strength relatively useless under his control. Have you ever been humbled by someone else?