Kfir Gavrieli, The President Of Tieks Ventures In Charitable Activities

Kfir Gavrieli is the President of Tieks, an online fashion brand in the market for shoes. The company specializes in making women’s flats and has become popular over time primarily due to its unique designs worn with different outfits on many occasions. Gavrieli has been a part of this endeavor since 2010; he co-founded the company and two other entrepreneurs […]

Qnet Shows That A More Efficient Business Practice Can Bring Impressive Benefits For Everyone

There are quite a few reasons to hone business practices. For example, increased efficiency in a distribution model can vastly increase the overall rate of deployment. This can, in turn, bring down operating costs and increase profit. But a company called Qnet has proven that a total overhaul of the typical distribution model can create benefits for everyone. Qnet has […]

Haroldo Jacobovicz Pushing Brazil’s Telecom Industry into Other Phases with Innovative Approaches

Haroldo Jacobovicz is an established chairperson and corporate pioneer. He has established several organizations in his successful career. From Microsystem to Horizons Datacenter, to Horizons Telecom. His career focuses on technologies that generally transform the modern corporate community. Jacobovicz had enjoyed lifelong entrepreneurship since college when he established Microsystem. After Microsystem failed, Haroldo Jacobovicz went into employment working for various […]

Bhanu Choudhrie Is Not Stopping His Philanthropy Soon

“When many people get the wealth, which they have evidently worked hard for many years, they usually forget that there are other people around them who suffer. These people need something small and when they receive it, they will appreciate,” Bhanu Choudhrie starts his interview. Bhanu, who went through a rough time when growing up agrees that the best thing […]

Jason Hughes from tenant representation to Legislation and Everything in Between

Hughes Marino is a leading tenant representation law company in San Diego, Ca. When Jason Hughes founded the company he wanted to help companies get a fair shake when negotiating their tenant contracts. Over the years, at Hughes Marino, he has been instrumental in getting California tenant representation law adjusted to be fair to both the tenant and the commercial […]

Solar Energy Affordability for Everyone, by PosiGen

PosiGen, a premier solar panel company, has made it possible for low to moderate-income families to capitalize on savings of costly energy bills. Where they used to be out of reach for most, PosiGen solar leasing program has revolutionized the affordability factor for the everyday person, family, and household. With multiple facilities located in Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, […]