Mahmoud Khattab on the Global Healthcare Insights in 2021

The world is going digital. Advances in technology and digitization are changing how we work, live, and play. This shift is accelerating the pace of change in the healthcare industry. The growing prevalence of digital technology, digitization, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating the digitalization of healthcare. The convergence of various digital technologies, artificial intelligence, big data, and […]

All About Justine Halladay

Justin Halladay is living his dream life; a happy family, a rewarding career, and lots of free time. But it was not always this way; he has come a long way. The business mogul had to grind hard and climb the ladder of success. Further reading: Justin Halladay – Crunchbase Person Profile For fifteen years, this tech guru has worked […]

Ease Supply Chain Woes Using Cloud Inventory

Data Systems International, an inventory management solution provider, is joining forces with Salesforce to integrate its inventory solutions with the customer relationship management platform. Salesforce, a cloud-based software company, will now offer its users the ability to implement DSI’s Field Inventory applications which easily capture real-time field data. DSI’s Field Inventory is a mobile-based inventory platform designed to capture real-time […]

Enhance Your Safety With Citizen App

Most of us than ever before have the urge to want to find out the real story of the happenings in our cities as we ensure our safety. When it comes to getting informed and staying safe. There is a need for something immediate. The Citizen App is designed to bring forth access to substantial 911 information as we keep […]

Trey Branham Attorney Q&A

Trey Branham is a partner and the founder of Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP *Where the Idea Of His Career Came From? Trey Branham started his career as a programmer. He worked for a company that made software for the insurance industry. He was always interested in technology and how it could be used to solve problems. After a while, […]

Andrew Brooks Sinclair Founder Talks About Fostering Client Relationships

How to Create a Client Relationships: Andrew Brooks, Sinclair Founder, Shares His Unique Insights at Georgetown University Summit Today’s world is very contrasting from when the first business networking groups were founded. It’s true. You need to realize how to build relationships to help grow your business. But, how do you go about it? According to Andrew Brooks, Sinclair Founder, […]