Bhanu Choudhrie Is Not Stopping His Philanthropy Soon

“When many people get the wealth, which they have evidently worked hard for many years, they usually forget that there are other people around them who suffer. These people need something small and when they receive it, they will appreciate,” Bhanu Choudhrie starts his interview.

Bhanu, who went through a rough time when growing up agrees that the best thing one can do is to give back to the community. Yes, Mr. Choudhrie believes that by giving back, especially to the young children who are growing up in poor families, one not only provides for their immediate needs but also helps these children find a career in life, which will evidently shape their future.

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, his efforts of philanthropy, which have been known far and wide for many years now, tend to focus on young children whether able or disabled from poor backgrounds. In addition, Bhanu Choudhrie also helps young adults from poor families especially those whose dreams are about to be shattered because of lack of school fees to cover their college needs.

The AAG founder says, “It is our culture that the more you engage in giving without being asked, the more you are bound to get. I give because I believe I was given these things so that others can get,” Bhanu Choudhrie says. The investor goes on to say that when he was growing up, he remembers accompanying his family on many occasions to visit the handicapped, blind and other vulnerable children in various children homes. The family also visited many schools where orphaned children were admitted.

From such humble beginnings, Bhanu Choudhrie’s mind was molded into knowing that it was not a matter of choice but a necessity to give if you have. After many years in business, Bhanu Choudhrie, who is considered one of the rich people in his community, has decided to donate as much as he could to vulnerable members.

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