Miki Agrawal is the First Name that Springs to Mind Whenever you Think of Entrepreneurship

Miki Agrawal is the first name that springs to mind whenever you think of entrepreneurship. She has successfully incorporated her entrepreneurial spirit into her commercial endeavors. Tushy is the name of her current hygiene endeavor. This is a bidet attachment that impacts the United States and around the world. There are various ways to acquire this item, and the most […]

Yubo Elevating the Gen Z Generation

Yubo realizes that customer demand changes with each generation. Millennials, for example, prefer goods and services that are affordable and accessible. However, as Gen Z ages and becomes the most prominent consumer generation today, corporations worldwide recognize a yearning for social change. Gen Z, born between 1995 and 2010, is genuinely a digital native. Furthermore, they grew up with the […]

Miki Agrawal Opens Up About Her Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Miki Agrawal has been pursuing entrepreneurship for the last 15 years, and she has been outstandingly prosperous. She has received numerous awards and recognitions for her entrepreneurial prowess. This includes being named among the “Top 20 Millennials on a Mission” by Forbes and the “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs of 2016′ by Inc. magazine. She also has awards from Time Magazine, […]

Ryan Kavanaugh Opens Up About His Venture Capitalism and Hollywood Career

Ryan Kavanaugh is a first-class venture capitalist who has founder outstanding business success by leveraging his abilities as a disruptive visionary. In addition to this, he has excelled as a film producer in Hollywood for the last 30 years. Kavanaugh is also the founder and owner of an industry-leading digital interactive streaming platform, Triller. Recently, Kavanaugh was interviewed, and he […]

How the Australia Manufacturing Sector Is Rising Again After the Pandemic — InfraBuild CEO Vik Bansal

Even after the outbreak, Australia is only just beginning to recover. In Bansal’s opinion, the country will not see major investment in the manufacturing sector for years, which will result in a crisis of low-skilled labor. As a result, he believes that the country must look toward the manufacturing industry to provide the manpower it needs in order to expand […]

Vik Bansal: CEO of InfraBuild and Topionetworks

Vik Bansal is the CEO of InfraBuild and Topionetworks. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and has a deep understanding of building sustainable steel structures with efficiency. In his most recent post on Yahoo! Finance website, he talks about why it’s important to look at global problems like climate change when constructing buildings and infrastructure. He […]

CARROLL Founder M Patrick Carroll Acquires a $200 Million Property In Las Vegas

M Patrick Carroll, the founder of CARROLL a real estate establishment with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia is a happy man. For over three years, M Patrick Carroll has been planning, researching, and deliberating intensely on how he’ll penetrate the Las Vegas market. However, September 2021 proved to be the happiest month to the investor. Of course, Patrick is not […]