Citizen App Provides Safety Alerts From Verified 911 Calls

Today, security is an important consideration in the United States. This has been the case for very many years. The population has been looking to get the necessary security assistance from the local police, which has been a major source of safety among very many individuals in the neighborhoods. In fact, data shows that most of the people in the country trust police for safety issues as compared to other bodies in the country.

However, over the last few years, there have been some major questions surrounding the safety of the people in the country. There has been a feeling that there has been an increase in safety issues in most of the parts of the country, especially in urban suburbs and low-income neighborhoods. That is why people living in such areas have been turning to safety and security apps such as Citizen App so that they can get some safety alerts around their communities.

Citizen App works with the Citizen Weather Observer Program and using a network of smart sensors around the country; it has access to weather data in real-time. Citizen application users can opt-in to receive notifications about nearby severe weather, including hail, high winds, tornadoes, tsunamis and more.

According to the current reports, the questions surrounding security problems have been very rampant across the country. There has been a drastic increase in population, which means that the ratio of police to civilians is significantly very high. That is why Citizen App stands out among other security apps that can help in offering some huge support to most of the people who have been struggling in their neighborhoods.

Also, the authenticity of the Citizen App has made this application to be seen as the most appropriate source of information for most of the people who have been looking for security alerts across the country. This app has been getting verified information from the police radios. For security issues, it is always necessary to ensure that one is getting the actual details from 911 calls so that they can make the right decisions on how to enhance their safety. Go here for additional information.


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