ClassDojo, Classroom Champions and NBC Olympics Partner To Launch Heart Of a Champion

Kids in the whole of the United States of America have reason to celebrate after a team of experts have agreed to work together on a learning project. The new learning project dubbed ‘Hart Of a Champion’ aims at helping kids who otherwise may not be in a position to know what they want to become when they grow up. Although ClassDojo features prominently in this new project, the firm will not be alone in this. According to credible sources, the partnership has among other partners, Classroom Champions, NBC Olympics, and several other current and former Olympians and Paralympians that have made a mark in the country.

Since it is a life skill program, Heart Of a Champion will conduct its lessons and programs by enlisting veterans that have brought a mark in the country. These veterans will at times have and plan a one-on-one seasons with the kids. According to ClassDojo, one of the main partners in the process, for the first time in the history of the United States, kids will have a chance to learn how they can hone some of their already in-born abilities. Besides, ClassDojo says, these kids will develop a deeper understanding of how they will be able to thrive in various parts of their lives in spite of their diverse backgrounds.

David Boudia, an accomplished Olympic diver and a father of three praised the program and said that he is more than ready to see the kids take the first steps. “When I look at how the classroom is, the first thing that comes into my mind are my kids. I assure you that if we want the country to have a generation of people who know their worthy from infancy, then Olympians are better placed for the mentorship program,” David Boudia said during the launch of the Heart OF a Champion.

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