Concerning Krishen Iyer, the Insurance Company Consultant


The MAIS Consultancy CEO, Krishen Sauble Iyer, was born and raised in California. He went to Bullard High School and graduated in 1998. For his university studies, Krishen joined S. Diego University and earned his degree in Administration. Shortly after graduating, he joined the insurance industry, and he has managed numerous companies. Besides, Krishen Iyer has several companies of his own.


Krishen Iyer’s growth in the insurance sector

Krishen has a great passion for finance and marketing. Besides, he has vast experience in the same sector. He founded his first company MNP Insurance, and under him, the firm experienced significant growth, which got it recognized in the Inc. 5000 list in 2015 (Techtimes). 


Later, Krishen Iyer established another company, Managed Benefits Services (MBS), formerly Quick Link Marketing, an insurance and marketing agency. The MBS Company works as a consultancy for insurance firms and helps the clients develop business leads. Under the leadership of Krishen Iyer, the firm uses its analytical skills to turn potential customers into clients and has excellent success. He has recently sold MBS to venture into the marketing consultancy field. He is currently the founder and CEO of MAIS Consultancy, which helps insurance companies in marketing and vertical distribution strategies.


Personal life

Krishen Iyer is known to be an inquisitive person and very passionate about his work. He always seeks to keep improving himself and his business. Apart from his career, Krishen Iyer loves spending time with his family, playing chess, or playing tennis. Like Nelson Mandela, he believes that things seem impossible until you finally do them.