Digital Eye Strain According to Tom S Chang MD

Technology has both advantages and disadvantages. Commonly used digital gadgets that demand long screen times may not be eye-friendly. Such long exposures to the blue light emitted from the devices may lead to eye strains; hence, digital eye strain. Digital eye strain is a term used to describe vision or eye issues related to prolonged use of electronic gadgets. The symptoms associated with digital eye strain vary (Ideamensch). 


Some people may experience mild symptoms, while others may present with severe symptoms. Fortunately, the symptoms wane after one stops using the gadgets. However, in some people, the symptoms may take long before resolving. According to specialized ophthalmologist Tom S Chang MD, some of the symptoms involving the eyes include:



Based on the assessment of expert practitioners such as Tom S. Chang MD, digital eye strain can present with other symptoms involving other body organs apart from the eyes. Once more, Tom S Chang MD explains that some of the symptoms include:


  • Shoulder discomfort
  • Neck pain
  • Headache


Diagnosis of digital eye strain is by a meticulous eye examination. After medical examinations, there are various treatment options. Besides the medical treatment options, Tom S. Chang MD recommends other measures. The measures include the 20/20/20 rule, where an individual takes a break of about 20 seconds after a screen time of 20 minutes and focuses on an object 20 feet away. Additionally, the screen or monitor used should be approximately 20 inches away. Other measures include the adoption of a proper posture and frequent blinking. Avoiding the use of digital gadgets is impossible. Tom S. Chang MD, an expert in the field, advises that people using the devices should take appropriate measures to mitigate risks of digital eye strain. Besides, if symptoms of digital eye strain manifest, it is prudent to take proper measures to alleviate them as soon as possible. 

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