Dr Barry Lall – The Life Experience of This Amazing Doctor

Barry Lall is an experienced entrepreneur in the hotel industry. He is the CEO of Pinnacle Hotels which has its headquarters in San Diego. He attributes his success in the industry to his passionate desire to achieve his goal which led him to leave his practice in medicine.

How He Changed His Career

Dr. Bharat Lall developed his passion to be an entrepreneur during his teenage years spent working with his father in his cloth store. He however pursued medicine because it was deemed more lucrative than pursuing his entrepreneurship ventures. He attained his medical degree from England and relocated to the USA for his medical internship.

His people and problem-solving skills made it possible for him to enjoy his internship and later on his practice in California. However, the enjoyment was short-lived as the medical practice came with its frustrations of having to take care of his patients. He took the leap to a change in career paths by purchasing a hotel beach motel that was up for sale. He sought to renovate and transform it to be a thriving business. He later partnered with three of his friends to start Pinnacle Hotels which purchases destabilized properties and turns them over into successful properties.

Strategies Barry Lall Uses To Succeed

Barry Lall did not cower away from the opportunity to start his hotel rather he took the risk and dived in completely. He advises entrepreneurs to make investments when times seem difficult. He also notes that taking advantage of opportunities that seem least advantageous will likely bring the greatest results.

He also encourages adequate preparation in the expectation of challenges. He encourages businesses in the hospitality area to have safety net funds and reserves to be used in the case of pandemics. This is what helped him make additional acquisitions during recessions.

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