Ease Supply Chain Woes Using Cloud Inventory

Data Systems International, an inventory management solution provider, is joining forces with Salesforce to integrate its inventory solutions with the customer relationship management platform. Salesforce, a cloud-based software company, will now offer its users the ability to implement DSI’s Field Inventory applications which easily capture real-time field data. DSI’s Field Inventory is a mobile-based inventory platform designed to capture real-time data about equipment, tools, labor, and inventory used in service orders and fieldwork.

DSI designed its newest version of Cloud Inventory specifically for manufacturers and distributors. The software allows visible control of inventory and processes in real-time to enhance productivity and compliance. Optimizing inventory and field operations provides a smoother field experience for field technicians and customers and generates revenue for business owners.

Cloud Inventory empowers users in and out of the field to instantly issue and update service orders and track inventory, tools, and labor. Mobile devices integrate with the system seamlessly. Integration with the CRM system is smooth and efficient. Thanks to cloud technology, data flows seamlessly back to the central hub for real-time analysis and lightning-fast response rates.

Salesforce and Field Inventory’s users can optimize the experiences of field workers and end clients by utilizing this cloud inventory technology. Users can easily configure the platform using flow charts and drag and drop features. Insight dashboards improve understanding of inventory flow and process inefficiency points. Thanks to DSI’s low-code/no-code platform, costly programming experts are no longer necessary to tailor the solution to fit unique field environments.

With recent supply chain disruptions, the ability to quickly hone in on inventory issues is of utmost concern to any field that utilizes warehousing and manufacturing services to get the job done. DSI’s robust solutions allow for the end-to-end visibility necessary to keep businesses flourishing in unprecedented times. See this article for more information.


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