Enhance Your Safety With Citizen App

Most of us than ever before have the urge to want to find out the real story of the happenings in our cities as we ensure our safety. When it comes to getting informed and staying safe. There is a need for something immediate. The Citizen App is designed to bring forth access to substantial 911 information as we keep you and you’re loved ones environmentally informed and safe.

The app is growing, having met more than 234,000 downloads since May 25, 2020, with over 7 million users. With the increasing Citizen population, many citizens use the app to check police presence to ensure safety at protests and demonstrations within the city.

The New York-based App began its existence as a Vigilante in 2016. The app was brought into functionality within 48 hours by Apple because it encouraged vigilantism and was subsequently restituted and relaunched in 2017 as Citizen. The app is objected to avoid potentially hazardous occurrences and advises caution to the users to be alerted of incidents before the police have responded and also outlines the importance of not exposing yourself to risk.

How does it work

Like the police scanner apps, The Citizen App opens up the emergency response system to the public. Radio antennas in major cities detect 911 communications that often play audio thrice the speed. All the information is screened and filtered by the city pre-screening team.

The app also is active in alerting users of emergencies, including car accidents and fires. Citizen app alerts are sent out through SMS or push notifications to your phone. You can also follow alerts on Twitter through the app. This serves as a great way for the citizens to get brought up to date.

The Citizen app is a great addition to the technology-heavy world we live in. The citizens need reassurance that they are part of a system that works towards their safety and not against it. Follow this page on Twitter, for more information.


Learn more about them on https://www.businessinsider.com/citizen-app-pays-nyc-la-residents-jobs-livestream-crime-scenes-2021-7