Exploring Technology From Business Mogul, Haroldo Jacobovicz

Drawing inspiration from his parents, Haroldo Jacobovicz worked his fingers to the bone to become a civil engineer. While in school, he got interested in technology, and he solicited to create a synergy between engineering and technology. In his early school days, Haroldo realized that technology would be the most authoritative tool used in the world. Just barely completing school, he partnered with three of his close allies to form Microsystems. Out of the blues, about a year later, the venture closed down. Through this, Haroldo Jacobovicz learned that entrepreneurship isn’t a piece of cake as he had imagined. Furthermore, introducing a new product to people cleaved to ancient business norms proved to be even challenging.

Holding onto his dream Haroldo Jacobovicz graduated from university and par-took a job as a data analyst in various companies. It is during this period that he was able to note the scarcity in network provision. In addition, he realized that large companies valued automation and were quickly transitioning compared to smaller enterprises. Consequently, he figured that the solution he was offering with Microsystems was workable, but its market segmentation and niche were wrong.

Bearing this in mind, he decided to take another shot to success by founding e-Governe Group, Horizons Telecom, and Horizons Data Centre, all centered on providing solutions to problems in information technology. He also sorts to diversify each company to solve each dilemma for an extensive reach. Horizons Telcom offers smooth and reliable fiber, and Horizon Datacenter caters to cloud computing. At the same time, E-Governe is the umbrella that caters to technical support for multiple health, taxation, education, and finance sectors.

Haroldo Jacobovicz advises anticipating young entrepreneurs to take their time to study more and curate a balance between education, money, and life. He realizes to have fallen short of taking his time to learn more languages to gain and experience cultural diversity. Attributing his success to being inquisitive, always having a potential eye in everything, discipline, talent, social nature, focus and hard work equals success. Refer to this page for additional information