Failure Can Be a Teacher for  Future Company Success

Sometimes a business that is successful will want to take a gamble by tweaking the product. It’s wonderful if things work out and the improved product boosts the company. Sometimes thinking outside the box and failing can be a blow. Steph Korey believes business owners need to embrace failure.


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Steph Korey believes that once a new or retooled product fails, company heads need to stick with the company and embrace failure. Embracing failure has two benefits. Having setbacks is the time to bring the team together and establish new strategies.

Failures open up the opportunity to have many key perspectives that will challenge businesses. Challenging failures is good for businesses of all sizes. Nobody is perfect, and it is impossible to have a business that never has any failures. Your big name companies sometimes put out products that the public is not too happy with. If it is a soda company, for example, the company can either pull the product from the market or change the formula. When rethinking the product, the creative executives can find data that will be a challenge to their former assumptions. It is alright for business team mates to disagree on how to improve a product.

Failure opens up the opportunity for a company’s future success. It takes a lot of courage to take the risks that can take the company’s success into the next level. Steph Korey believes that when businesses seem to seamlessly move forward, it is because the company heads are not taking enough chances. Everyone has a valuable viewpoint with discerning opinions that can add to a business’ future. Nobody is perfect and no one can make it alone.

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