Haroldo Jacobovicz Pushing Brazil’s Telecom Industry into Other Phases with Innovative Approaches

Haroldo Jacobovicz is an established chairperson and corporate pioneer. He has established several organizations in his successful career. From Microsystem to Horizons Datacenter, to Horizons Telecom. His career focuses on technologies that generally transform the modern corporate community.

Jacobovicz had enjoyed lifelong entrepreneurship since college when he established Microsystem. After Microsystem failed, Haroldo Jacobovicz went into employment working for various employers, including Esso. He worked as their head market analyst and commercial strategist. Jacobovicz has also worked with corporations like Horizons Telecom and Itaipu Binational.

At Itaipu, he worked as their professional financial assessor. Horizons Telecom currently commands significant respect within the Brazil-based telecom industry. They have had a tremendous, transformational impact on users through various creative solutions. They include novel data storage, voice, data, internet, and backup support solutions.

After realizing other emerging technologies’ effects, Haroldo Jacobovicz launched his novel organization Horizons Datacenter. The Brazil-based firm ensures the uninterrupted provision of cloud computing services to consumers. These includes other organizations and individuals. They solve clients problems with their wide-spectrum solutions, including storage, visualization, and backup.

Horizons have secured a loyal clientele base by providing top-notch quality services. To produce quality products, Horizon invests in talented personnel. Together with technological assistance, the firm offers various other services to customers. They provide clients with professional software rental, operation, maintenance, and security services. It ensures consumer systems are secure and running effectively without malicious attacks. Progressive innovation and service mindset have driven Haroldo to more outstanding corporate achievement. It has helped him introducing more integrated services. He has several core beliefs which influence his professional and personal life.

Haroldo is currently a transformative leader within the corporate tech arena. Jacobovicz purposes of achieving more in the blossoming telecom sector. He explains the several up-and-coming strategies they will integrate within the corporation.

About Haroldo Jacobovicz

For Haroldo Jacobovicz, his work’s passion is seemingly his largest drive. It gives the Brazilian purpose throughout his leadership.