Hassan Jameel A Wheel Reinvented

Abdul Latif Jameel, the company started by the grandfather of Hassan Jameel and now run by him, is truly blessed to have such a president and CEO behind the wheel. In his approach to business and politics, and every other aspect of life, Hassan Jameel leads with confidence and clarity, seeking new ways to reinvent the wheel…. but in a way that is only more effective than it was before. And currently, with his business, he is intending to do the very same as we speak… and no less. Thank goodness he is always hard at work to ensure we see change and progress in all business sectors alike.

Hassan Jameel is a name you ought to remember as it is destined for even more and more (and yes, more and more greatness). Hassan Jameel is just getting started, and there is much work to be done: His next goal is to ensure that all phases of his company go entirely digitized, if possible, ensuring that every division is able to be connected to the world wide web and its many services these days. He has recently spoken out on this bit, and claimed that, if we do not act now, who knows what the outcome might be? After all, Covid 19 continues to take lives as we speak, and the end may actually still be far from over.

The only thing we have on our side is preparation, and Mr. Jameel has spoken on that himself more than once, having attended multiple leadership conferences in the past and even given a few great discourses himself on the matter at hand, respectively. If there was ever any wake up sign to tell us that we need to digitize further in this world, it was Covid 19.

Source: Wikipedia