How Has Roland Dickey Jr’s Career Progressed For The Past Several Years?

Roland Dickey Jr is the heir and descendant of the founder and CEO of the largest franchise restaurant in the world, Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant. Initially started in 1941, Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant has grown the most popular locally and internationally.

Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant operates in 500 locations across the US and has two additional franchise locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Since he was made CEO, Roland Dickey Jr has overseen the company’s expansion from 24 places to 500 locations across the US.

The Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant has its main headquarters in Dallas, not far from its primary formal location. Roland Dickey Jr was officially made CEO in 2006, but after ten years, the company restructured its leadership roles and made Roland Dickey’s wife, Laura Rae Dickey, the official CEO. Having stepped down as CEO in 2016, Roland Dickey Jr Net Worth joined the Dickey’s Capital Group, where he was made CEO. With his experience in serving several executive leadership roles, Roland Dickey Jr has been named on the Top 500 CEOs list by D Magazine; he has also appeared on The Power 20 List in the Restaurant Business Magazine.

Since he has been leading the company’s primary operations, Roland Dickey’s main emphasis is on providing quality services. In addition, Roland Dickey Jr serves on the board of directors of the non-profit family foundation, Dickey’s Foundation. The Dickey’s Foundation aims at supporting families and communities affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. Roland Dickey and the other executives have managed to raise more than 20,000 dollars on the current company’s status.

About Roland Dickey Jr

Roland Dickey Jr educational background consists of a bachelor’s and master’s degree in arts at Southern Methodist University. Roland Dickey joined the company in 1999 after acquiring relevant knowledge and extensive experience in the hospitality and food industry. Visit this page to learn more.

In 2015, Roland Jr won the Entrepreneurship of the Year award, and for the past couple of years, he has been recognized for his outstanding efforts at Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant.


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