How Hassan Jameel is taking advantage of digitization to remodel an old start-up

Hassan Jameel is a startup investor and oversees the whole business. From the day he got his first job as an intern, he became fascinated with the concept of digitization. With digitization being a primary strategy used by every company today, Jameel was keen to find out how companies are getting ahead in this market that is so competitive.

Hassan Jameel investigated how well certain companies were implementing digitization strategies and found that they weren’t using enough to be ahead in their competitors’ locations. He realized he had to do something different to make his company the best in their area.

He took over as the Chief Executive Officer of his family’s company, Abdul Latif Jameel, at the age of 28 and was tasked with making sure that they stayed ahead of all of their competition. He started with a few small steps at first. When he began to take over the reins, Jameel looked for ways to implement digitization into their business model and how it could change how Abdul Latif Jameel does business. Learn more information about Hassan Jameel

He then discovered how fantastic technology could be for his company. With a lot of his family running the company and having worked in the field for many years, they had a lot of companies secrets, and they would share them with Hassan Jameel. This gave him a great advantage as he was able to take some of the best practices in digitization and implement them into his own business. He realized that if he wanted to be successful, he needed to start implementing more ways to bring more value to customers and ensure that it wasn’t just online and offline.

In conclusion, Jameel was able to find a way to make his company into a much more efficient business and quickly surpassed its competitors. He was able to do this by making sure that Abdul Latif Jameel began implementing more ways for them to use technology in the areas where it would benefit him and the ones that would benefit the customers. He started acquiring many valuable technologies and improving many of his processes.