Hughes Marino´s Top Office Trends for 2022

Due to the worldwide crisis, for the past two years, a significant portion of the United States workforce has been working at home full time. The commercial lease auditing team at Hughes Marino has seen some trends as major corporations began this effort of returning employees to the office. 


Up to now, employees are looking for a collaborative environment as they return. Many employees are tired of being isolated and want the camaraderie that comes with in-office gatherings. With that in mind, Hughes Marino pointed out seven possible design priorities that companies could focus on. The first of these is a large residential-style kitchen that is welcoming, with tabletops and innovative seating ideas. 


Another feature at Hughes Marino is access to multiple conference rooms of varying sizes, with video conference options for those both in and outside of the office environment. For simplified office spaces, having a shared desk is increasingly trending. Docking stations and portable equipment is necessary to make this workspace functional. Hughes Marino works in the culture consulting industry and keeps updated on the latest office trends. 


The other concepts they see are having Zoom rooms, which are soundproof for conference calls, lounge spaces for employee comfort, and natural light to create a warm and well-lit atmosphere. The final piece to the puzzle of returning to the office is having outdoor space like a patio or courtyard. WiFi is necessary for employees to work in these outdoor environments. The team at Hughes Marino specializes in lease negotiations, buyer and owner representation and project management for businesses around the world.