Jason Hughes and his services for Hughes Marino

Jason Hughes is the current CEO, chairman, and owner of the company Hughes Marino. Before the entrepreneur had worked with this company, he had been working in various tenant representation firms since the 1980’s. One of the most infamous companies that Jason Hughes has worked at is the Cushman & Wakefield located around Los Angeles. 


Then after a while of working there, he decided to change his horizons and work around the San Diego area. Not only is businessman Jason Hughes an influential consultant in this area, but his wife is as well. They specialize in project management and lease restructuring. His wife Shay works alongside Jason Hughes and helps him with his consulting jobs around San Diego. The owner of Hughes Marino also has a bachelors and a masters degree in business administration.

In addition, he has taken various business classes at Harvard, UCLA, and UCSD which help emphasize his great expertise in this market. The main focus Hughes Marino has as a company is to focus on representing tenants and buyers and helping them gain the ability to thrive in such a competitive setting. Hughes Marino gives customers the ability to lease, buy, and build facilities such as office and manufacturing spaces. Concerning Jason Hughes, they also focus on things such as sale-leaseback transitions, multi-market representation, national and global representation, planning and designs, lease accounting, and culture consulting.