Jason Hughes from tenant representation to Legislation and Everything in Between

Hughes Marino is a leading tenant representation law company in San Diego, Ca. When Jason Hughes founded the company he wanted to help companies get a fair shake when negotiating their tenant contracts. Over the years, at Hughes Marino, he has been instrumental in getting California tenant representation law adjusted to be fair to both the tenant and the commercial property owner. The company has since expanded its operations across several cities on the west coast. 


Jason Hughes is well known in the tenant representation law circles and he has represented many large corporations in their lease transactions. His experience ranges from contract negotiations to purchase contracts. Jason Hughes works in tenant representation development finance structuring and project financing as well. 


Hughes began his firm after graduating from the University of San Diego and acquiring a Masters degree from Pepperdine. Although this in itself is an accomplishment, Jason Hughes credits his success to his ongoing education. He has also acquired executive certifications from programs at UCSD, UCLA and Harvard University


Hughes Marino 

According to Jason Hughes, the company is made up of a team of experienced brokers and legal experts who collaborate to offer companies smarter solutions for their long-term commercial leasing and purchasing needs. Hughes Marino works with projects that range from leasing to building facilities for commercial use. 


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