Joseph Ashford Founds The Butterfly Foundation to Help People Suffering from Epidermolysis bullosa Disease in Bournemouth

Joseph Ashford’s childhood didn’t have any sweet childhood memories; all he can remember are the saddest ones. His childhood was full of challenges and difficulties. He grew up in the Bournemouth area of London. But Joseph Ashford learned from these challenges and they sharpened him to be who he is today. He has been working day and night to give his kids the best life and a childhood life that he never experienced. Before starting K4 Global, he had worked in different industries. Joseph Ashford gained a lot of experience in the marketing industry and began to help small businesses grow by reaching the next level.

Joseph Ashford worked in all levels of companies, from casual employees to positions of executive. He understood everything about starting and managing a company and what a company of any size would need to grow. Some marketing conferences around the world invite Joseph Ashford from the Bournemouth area to speak and provide advice. Through these, he has been able to travel the world, learning about different cultures and traditions of different people while also broadening his experience level. He has always expressed his joy and gratitude for all that he has achieved and accomplished in his life, whether in his personal life or his professional one.

Back in 2014, Ashford started K4 Global. Within a period of only six years, K4 Global has really grown and started offering its services in different sectors, including the property sector, the media, and the technology industry. Ashford started a foundation in Bournemouth called the Butterfly Foundation. This was after the story of a young child, Mason White, who has been suffering from epidermolysis bullosa. This foundation’s mission is to educate people about suffering from the same condition as Mason White and give them support to have a good life. To learn more visit: here.