Joseph Ashford’s Entrepreneurial Success

Joseph Ashford, the founder, and owner of K4 Global is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and celebrated business leader based in Bournemouth. Ashford has been instrumental in the success of many businesses owing to his ability to identify talent and potential in other people.

Joseph Ashford has supported many startups in Bournemouth, London, and other cities in Europe, Asia, and America through funding and business development from his years of experience in marketing and finance. Supporting startups has made him a successful investor with a stake in many businesses.

His company K4 Global was founded in 2014 and assists budding entrepreneurs to succeed in their ventures. Joseph Ashford is highly skilled in marketing and public relations, skills that are paramount in developing strategies for growing his business.

Joseph Ashford’s career and success as an entrepreneur are anchored on personal experiences which have shaped his view of life. He surrounds himself with the right people, and always encourages other entrepreneurs to do so.

At an early stage of life, he lost close relatives but was able to rise from this depressing situation to a global leader in business. The loss made him a person who values relationships, as depicted in the corporate culture at K4 Global, where they maintain a great focus on the needs of the clients as well as the employees.

Ashford is also keen when selecting who to hire where he goes for enthusiasm and passion on top of qualifications. His focus on people also made him start the Butterfly Foundation, which helps less fortunate children to get better education and treatment for kids suffering from epidermolysis bullosa and cancer. Ashford’s achievement can be seen in the number of people and businesses he has supported throughout his career by offering strategic solutions, funding, and support through his foundation. Refer to this page for additional information.