Kfir Gavrieli, The President Of Tieks Ventures In Charitable Activities

Kfir Gavrieli is the President of Tieks, an online fashion brand in the market for shoes. The company specializes in making women’s flats and has become popular over time primarily due to its unique designs worn with different outfits on many occasions. Gavrieli has been a part of this endeavor since 2010; he co-founded the company and two other entrepreneurs who are no longer associated with the business today.

He began entrepreneurship activities at the age of sixteen and has a background in designing and marketing with years of experience behind him. Having served in the industry for many years, Gavrieli is always dedicated to producing high-quality products and diversifying the products across the globe through different online channels.

Recently, Gavrieli has also found some time to explore interests in jewelry and handbags. He took the lead at Tieks at a point when it had only one designer and two distributors. However, now the team is much bigger than that, with over 100 employees and many suppliers and distributors across the world. After achieving success in his business, Kfir changed his focus to charitable activities across struggling communities. Tieks contributed to forming the Gavrieli Foundation, which works towards helping unemployed families and offering grants and microloans to women entrepreneurs.

The Gavrieli Foundation partnered with KIVA, an online provider of microloans, to launch an innovative program for women entrepreneurs in third-world countries. The program enables thousands of people to be employed and develop their businesses through loans and grants.

Gavrieli’s passion for charitable activities is rooted in his faith as he passionately believes that “there are enough resources on earth to make everybody happy.” He went on to say, “but it’s up to us to distribute these resources fairly among people so that they can benefit from them.” Kfir Gavrieli has a keen interest in technology and contributes to this field by working on new innovative projects. See this page for additional information.


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