Kip Lewis Makes Childhood Business Interest into Adulthood Business

Kip Lewis founded Lewis Investments in 1992. It cost the 27-year-old his $2,000 nest egg to start his business in a recreational motorhome park in Round Rock, Texas. Kip Lewis has been interested in investments ever since he was a boy who created his jobs that included mowing lawns and selling firewood. Proud of himself, Kip Lewis used to ride his bicycle down to the local savings bank to invest the money he earned from his business.


In the time span of 1992 to 1997, Mr. Lewis expanded his real-estate by buying properties in communities like Pflugerville and Georgetown in Texas. In five years, Lewis expanded recreational park from 35 acres to 60 acres. The 60 acres is able to accommodate over 600 campsites.


Kip Lewis has a BBA from Texas State University McCoy College of Business. Lewis quickly went to work in the business world after graduating from college.


Kip Lewis is interested in historic preservation for buildings in the Austin, Texas, area. Lewis began working on the preservation project after he was elected president of the local business association. Lewis worked with architects, business owners in the Round Rock area, engineers, and other interesting parties to restore old buildings. In 2022, Lewis Investments will celebrate 30 years in business. The company is celebrating 24 years at the Round Rock, Texas, location. Lewis works with high quality contractors who help create the plans to revitalize rundown areas.


Today, Kip Lewis revitalized more than 45,000 square feet worth of commercial and residential properties in downtown Round Rock, Texas. The most popular of Lewis’ investments was the Main Street Restaurant back in 1999. Before the restaurant closed in 2017, it was popular neighborhood hub with international business community, national, and local business people.