Lifewave Founder and CEO David Schmidt

David Schmidt is a longtime entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of LifeWave.

After a long and successful career in technology, Schmidt went on to start up LifeWave in an effort to improve people’s health.

Shortly before starting his business, Schmidt came up with an idea to develop a nutritional supplement that would help people increase their energy levels.

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After working on this product for a few months, he then founded LifeWave and began offering a unique line of nutritional supplements to consumers.

With this very product, LifeWave quickly became one of the most successful direct selling companies in the world.

Shortly after developing his line of nutritional supplements, Schmidt then looked to work on a new type of product that would improve a person’s aesthetic appearance.

He came up with a line of skincare products.

These products included both creams and lotions that are made up of all-natural ingredients.

As a result, the skincare products were safe for anyone’s skin and helped them get favorable results when applying them.

This line of skincare products helped boost the company’s reputation as a top direct selling company.

During the next several years, LifeWave continued to expand to other markets all over the world.

Today, the company sells its products to consumers all over the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Along with expanding its presence throughout the world, LifeWave has also made new additions to its product line as well.

Schmidt has developed more skincare lotions and creams as well as more supplements to help enhance people’s diet.

He has also improved the quality of the skincare products and nutritional supplements by adding new ingredients.

Before starting up LifeWave, Schmidt founded and ran his own technology company.

His technology enterprise worked with notable entities such as the Department of Defense.

While his technology business was successful, Schmidt looked to create one that focused on the health and wellness of other people.

As a result, he founded LifeWave in 2004.