M Patrick Carroll Is Committed to Charitable Ventures

M Patrick Carroll Is Dedicated To Giving Back

Companies from across the globe are taking the idea of social responsibility seriously. M. Patrick Carroll, founder and CEO of CARROLL, is already an industry leader in this area. Caroll has always been dedicated to giving back. M Patrick Carroll believes it is perfectly acceptable to use one’s position to better the community.

M Patrick Carroll understands that his success brings opportunities to help others. Caroll donates to charities that focus on early childhood, wellness and health. He continuously donates to food banks. He is also active in Habitat for Humanity.

Carrol not only donates money, but he donates his time too. He serves as a mentor and makes it his mission to inspire future entrepreneurs. Carrol sits on the board of the Boys and Girls Club in Tampa, Florida. As a board member, his goal is to show young men and women several paths to success. He wants to instill in them that they can achieve anything.

During the pandemic, Carroll directed his time and resources to help those affected by the virus. Carroll is a survivor of COVID-19 and has firsthand knowledge of what the disease does to a person. M Patrick Carroll donated gift cards to his workers that are essential workers. He donated $25,000 to help feed families in Ukraine and donated $50,000 to people within his community.

Carroll is the first to admit he is not a typical CEO. He wants to show the next generation of entrepreneurs that they do not need to travel the same path as present entrepreneurs. Carroll is hoping to change the way companies do business.