Meet Kip Lewis and learn about his passion for real estate investing

Kip Lewis earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Texas State University’s McCoy College of Business in the late 1980s.

Throughout much of his adult life, he had an interest in real estate investing and business, and he was able to complete his first real estate job a few years after graduation.

He put his own capital into an RV park in Round Rock, Texas, a suburb of Austin.

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For a few years, he owned and managed the project before selling it to REIT, a well-known real estate investment trust.

Investing always sparked an interest in Lewis since he was a child.

He would do jobs such as selling firewood and mowing loans, then take the money he earned to a local Savings and Loan and invest it.

As he went through high school and college doing several other jobs, it dawned on him that working for someone was not his cup of tea.

This road inevitably led to the birth of Kip Lewis Investments.

After finding an investor, he bought a property that would be the home of his new company and tirelessly worked to ensure its success.

He says that most of his days are spent bringing new real estate projects to life.

He deeply evaluates his ideas and constantly processes them until he feels comfortable about the decision to pursue them.

His trick to becoming productive is reminding himself to keep his cool during tough situations, as this guides him in making wise decisions moving forward.

He believes that the main thing that has helped his business grow is not listening to the noise of people openly declaring he would not succeed and building strong banking relationships.

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