Outstanding life and works of Edgard Corona

Edgard Corona, CEO of Bio Ritmo, was born in the year 1950. He graduated high school and joined the chemical engineering course where he studied for five years. At the age of 30, he started working at Sugar and Corona which was a family-owned organization. He began by working in the laboratory but in time, was promoted to the company’s director. His leadership helped the company grow immensely increasing their income.

With the experience earned at Sugar and Corona, Edgard Corona decided to venture into business and founded Bio Ritmo in 1996. A company that he began without any knowledge of the sector but that did not hold him back. This company aimed to encourage people to take part in physical exercise. With time, the company grew and was expanded to other parts of Brazil and other states including Columbia, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador among others.

While in the business sector, Edgard Corona attended many business-related conferences which led him to the idea of starting another company. In 2008, he established SmartFit, an organization that strived to avail services at a cheaper price compared to other industries.

Ritmo, being his first company, was responsible for the success of Smart Fit. Edgard initiated some changes in how people exercised and with time, he ended up influencing the entire country which in return caused a shift in the market.

Over time, SmartFit has expanded and extended its branches to other parts of the country and other nations in America. It was named the 5th largest sports network globally. The success of his businesses has earned him a seat among the best CEOs in the world. When asked about his motivation to start these companies, he stated, “We killed our business, to create another” as his theme of motivation. Go Here for related Information.