Rachel Nichols Function In The Game Changing Business

Rachel Nichols is an outstanding sports journalist. She is known for excelling as a sports reporter and anchor. She has worked for more than twenty years as a journalist and more than ten years in the sports industry. Her work has made her acknowledged as a different and unique journalist.

Background Information

Rachel Nichols was raised in Potomac. She studied an undergraduate degree in journalism. This choice was based on her childhood interests in sports. As a child she loved watching sports and seasonal games. She believed in a profession that encouraged her in pursuit of her interests. It discouraged the pursuit of careers that were normally known as women dominated careers.

Career Journey

Rachel started her journey in the journalism sector by working at Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. She started as a writer working to present articles on deadline. This work allowed her to excel in dealing with stressful situations. It created a calm attitude within her spirit that helped her deal with difficult interviews. After a year, Rachel Nichols got a promotion to work at the Washington Post.

At the Washington Post, Rachel was tasked to work as a hockey writer. She also did a side job working as a news reporter. That job allowed her to hone her skills as a TV reporter. This factor would prove useful as she grew in her career. Refer to this page for more information.

After eight years, Rachel started working at ESPN. Her skills as a TV reporter were put to good use. She worked as a sideline reporter reporting for Monday Night Football. She was also tasked with covering high profile interviews. She left ESPN and took up another job at CNN. At CNN, she was responsible for her own show. She led interviews that hosted athletes famous for their game. She handled exclusive commentaries on NBA games that occurred. Rachel Nichols excelled very well in this field such that she was called back to work at ESPN. ESPN offered a job title as a show host of a show called The Jump.


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