Richard DeVaul; An Innovation Professional

At some point in your life you may have experienced the psychological phenomenon of semantic saturation. Words that are repeated over and over again lose their meaning and become nothing more than meaningless sounds. This is exactly what has happened over the last decade with word innovation.

In an article entitled “Richard DeVaul on Disrupting Innovation Consulting”, Richard DeVaul explains Innovation is about overturning the existing order of things. And while innovation does create great value in the world, that process is not benign. Innovation disrupts.

In his experience as a leading innovation consultant, Richard DeVaul has found that CEOs and business leaders who hire him to help set up innovation laboratories, repair defective innovation organizational processes, and build innovation teams often lack a sound conceptual understanding of the term itself. They often identify innovation as synonymous with creation, as if one had to do something new before one could be innovative.

DeVaul explains the world of innovation is shaken by the emergence of something new that destroys the old ways, but it is naive to think that organizations themselves will experience radical change. Organizational structures must be reformulated and existing investment opportunities sacrificed in order to facilitate innovation.

Innovation has been heralded as the key to the future in the academic and entrepreneurial worlds, and it is easy to see why it has become synonymous with success.

Richard DeVaul claims, however, that the innovation from which companies and organizations want to benefit the most is usually not the innovation itself, but the incremental improvements that already exist.

Those who believe that it is possible to preserve the positive benefits of change without the potential complications and costs of radical disruption do not want innovation in the current form. Instead, they want incrementalism – a concept which lacks the glamour of innovation but has the potential to create value for businesses by avoiding the risks associated with innovation. Click here to learn more.

CTO research scientist and innovation expert with decades of practical engineering, operational and management experience. Excellent communication skills and pronounced applied physics and mathematics. Inventors with over 70 granted US patents and several peer-reviewed publications. Launched and led projects that created billions of dollars in enterprise value for X Development, formerly Google X.


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