Solar Energy Affordability for Everyone, by PosiGen

PosiGen, a premier solar panel company, has made it possible for low to moderate-income families to capitalize on savings of costly energy bills. Where they used to be out of reach for most, PosiGen solar leasing program has revolutionized the affordability factor for the everyday person, family, and household. With multiple facilities located in Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida, you’re easily connected with your nearest PosiGen location where you’ll enjoy a virtual appointment from the comfort of your own home. 


It’s never been easier to learn how you can begin to control your energy and save. 14,000 customers, and counting, are already taking advantage of the ease and efficiency of powering their homes with PosiGen solar panels. And because they offer both leasing and purchasing options, it’s never been a better or easier time to capitalize on the use of solar panels to generate your own energy. During your virtual appointment with PosiGen, for starters, you’ll learn the differences between purchasing and leasing your solar panels. 


You’ll also learn about the affordable and flexible low-cost financing options, how your PosiGen solar panels are maintained and monitored for the life of the lease, how they’ll improve the air quality of your home for overall health, and how you can begin to contribute to a better and cleaner environment. PosiGen solar power company also offers Efficiency Upgrades, as well as a comprehensive Energy Audit which will show you exactly where your home is losing precious energy (Prnewswire). 


And you’ll be given valuable home improvement tips that will help you to identify where and how your home may be losing these large amounts of energy by way of leaks. Oftentimes these leaks can be the cause of larger energy bills without even knowing it. But the aim of the company is to help families save on monthly costs for their power bills. PosiGen solar panels not only identify the improvements you’ll need to save on energy costs but they’ll also help to enhance the value of your home. Start paying yourself back with the money you’ll save versus how much you pay on your energy bill every month. Request your free demonstration with PosiGen right now, and let them show you how.