The Road to Success with Andrew Lazarus

Andrew Lazarus’s Success in the Hospitality Industry Continues to rise

It is uplifting and inspiring when you witness someone who has achieved great success in business and personal endeavors giving back to the community.

Even as they rise to the top of the corporate ladder, they remain grounded by investing in the well-being of the communities in which they operate.

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Exactly what Andrew Lazarus has done, to be precise; in addition to his numerous charitable contributions, Lazarus, an Australian hospitality sector tycoon, has established his non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging other businesses to give back to their communities.

The real question is, how did he get here?

Lazarus has worked on several high-profile projects that have helped him rise to the business world’s top. Some of the initiatives made possible by his substantial contributions include these.

Hamilton’s Exchange Hotel

In 2016, Eastern Hotels Group acquired the Hamilton Exchange Hotel from Lazarus’ Zenith Hotels and added it to their portfolio.

To achieve his objective of making it one of Newcastle’s most popular live music venues, he decided to shut it down in early 2020 to undergo an extensive makeover.

The gaming and parking spaces were transformed into live music venues due to the improvements.

A cocktail bar and a VIP lounge will be located on the arena’s upper level.

Up to six million dollars will be spent on the hotel’s renovations.

The Vaucluse Home

The Vaucluse property of Andrew and Denise Lazarus was sold in mid-July 2018 for an astounding eight million dollars.

Jordana Sharon-Zipser, the wife of Hi-Pages co-founder and CEO Roby Sharon-Zipser, purchased the property off-market.

The 845-square-meter property contains a self-contained holiday home, a cabana, and a swimming pool for entertaining.

There are five rooms and four bathrooms in the main house.

Inn on the Macquarie

Lazarus purchased the Macquarie Resort in Liverpool for twenty-five million dollars.

He hoped to take advantage of the burgeoning inner-city growth in west Sidney’s outer suburbs.

His dream to create a new tavern in the neighborhood came to fruition.

It was in the middle of a makeover when he bought it, so that progressed, and there will be more to come.

Iconic in its own right, it has now increased its clientele by including more of the “average Joe” variety and Australia’s rich and famous.

Club De Golf De Shoal Bay (Shoal Bay)

Before obtaining the Shoal Bay Country Club, Lazarus had planned his retirement project for some time.

The country club’s location on the water puts it in a league of its own. Because of his efforts, it now has an entirely different vibe than before.

Traditionally, the club’s clientele consisted mostly of men, but Lazarus realized the value in catering to families.

He intended the facility to be appealing to people of all ages in the neighborhood.

And he did exactly that.

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