Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen Solar Energy

PosiGen is a company that is dedicated to implementing solar power for everyone at an affordable rate. The outstanding solar power company has a dire need to help low and average-income communities easily access solar energy by making it fairly affordable. According to the PosiGen solar power company´s CEO Thomas Neyhart, some communities hardly make enough money to pay their utility bills.


Led by Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen has dedicated its work to help them reduce the bills to be fairly manageable. They have achieved this by introducing a solar leasing program. When the burden of high utility costs on the high-need communities is eased, they will be able to plow back their saved money into their economies, therefore growing locally. 


As succesful businesman and entrepreneur Thomas Neyhart states, PosiGen believes that when solar power is readily available and affordable, more people will be investing in technology. As much as there will be a positive impact on the environment, PosiGen’s customers will also be positively impacted because the company strives to upgrade solar energy efficiently, ensuring that their customers live in safe homes.


The company grants homeowners the power to choose to generate their energy within their homes and control their energy costs. It also guarantees its customers monitoring and maintenance throughout the life of the lease (Prnewswire).

Their customers also enjoy low monthly costs and fixed monthly payments. It offers net metering, ensuring that the customer’s home is always powered by the energy their solar panels produce. However, Thomas Neyhart finally adds, when the panels do not meet 100 percent of the customer’s needs, they get additional power from the grid. Consequently, when a customer’s solar panels produce excess energy, they deliver the excess power into the grid enabling the customer to gain free credits.