Thomas Neyhart: The Benefits and Energy Efficiency of Solar Energy from PosiGen

Solar energy is one of the most talked-about yet controversial topics nowadays. Regardless of which side you are on, there is no denying that solar power offers benefits. One company that provides these benefits with solar efficiency is PosiGen and is currently led by CEO Thomas Neyhart. Read more below for some more information on this topic!


PosiGen is an energy efficiency company based in California that provides sustainable solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout the country. The org was established in 2008 by Thomas Neyhart, who also serves as CEO today.

PosiGen work includes:


Installing photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Providing comprehensive design services for residential and commercial clients.

Offering financial incentives to customers.

Training the future workforce.


Up to now, PosiGen solar power company offers a wide range of services, including solar panel installation for homeowners to help them reduce their energy costs while also lowering greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to our environment. Their other clientele includes, Thomas Neyhart explains, businesses that want to implement renewable technologies into their business model or have PosiGen install solar panels on top of existing buildings to decrease maintenance expenses. 


The company offers comprehensive design services, including site assessments, system size calculations, electrical layouts, P&A diagrams, equipment specifications, and complete project proposals. They train the next generation workforce by providing sustainable solutions through clean technology education programs at universities throughout all areas served today. Last but not least, Thomas Neyhart points out, they offer financial incentives either directly from federal, state, and local governments or through partnerships with financing institutions. PosiGen is a company that you can trust to provide efficient solar energy services while benefiting our environment!