Vijay Eswaran Business Insights

Vijay Eswaran is known for his unique way of thinking and applying knowledge to his life. He is a self-made businessman who had no lucks or privileges in hand, but he has worked hard every day to get where he is today.

According to Vijay Eswaran, business is at the center of any economic system, and business is about creating value. When you think about it, every single thing that you see around you was created by someone to create some kind of value. What he means by value is something people would pay for. Here are some business insights Vijay Eswaran has shared:

Be creative

He does not think organizations should be too concerned about creating innovative ideas which could help their business advance. Innovation is more of a buzzword these days; whereas, creativity, he thinks is the most important thing. He believes people should be creative in what they do and do things differently because there is no point in doing things, in the same way, all the time.

The three paths of reflection

Duty, knowledge, and devotion are the three paths of reflection that Vijay Eswaran believes are one’s guiding principles to success. Duty is the commitment to meet the responsibilities you have so that your family, your company, or whatever it is, can benefit from what you do. Knowledge is more about self-improvement and development by helping yourself grow as you age. And devotion is a more personal approach to life. Devotion reflects your values and directs your behavior.

Diversity in business

Diverse perspectives and experiences lead to better decision-making and innovative thinking. It’s not just young people who are capable of starting a new venture, but the old too! The common consensus is that entrepreneurship is something for the young, but Vijay has witnessed many examples where this was not the case. He points out that age has nothing to do with being an entrepreneur, so long you have passion in whatever it is you do.

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