Previously, New Fortress had made an application to come up with the Shannon terminal. Unfortunately, the Irish High Court canceled it. This was due to complaints that arose from the environmental complainers plus Friends of the Irish Government. Wes Edens started the New Fortress in the year 2014. Before this, Wes Edens was a managing director at Black Roman and Lehman Brothers. Wes Edens was proud to state that the New Fortress would be the forefront producers of free energy of carbon. Moreover, in the ten upcoming years, it will be considered a net non-emission company.

The New Fortress website mainly emphasizes how the company is modernizing power infrastructure plus energy in developing countries by distributing much cleaner fuel at affordable rates. Ever since the cancellation of the New Fortress Application to create the Shannon terminal, the Minister for Environment in Ireland has been against fracked gas. He insists that it would be inappropriate to continue developing any LNG terminals in Ireland. However, according to the Times, the Irish government is not in any place to ban fracked gas on legal grounds.

The proposed project proves to be very useful to the people of Ireland in terms of creating job opportunities and improving people’s living standards. Two hundred seventy construction jobs will be available for about three years. In addition to that, there will be seventy jobs available for the long term so long as the company remains operational. The data center campus will also offer additional jobs at the site. The primary reason why LNG terminals have been suggested for data centers for quite a very long time is that they provide a huge source of cooling naturally. The most advanced when it comes to the application of this knowledge is Singapore. The New Fortress Vice President still assures that New Fortress will make a transition into hydrogen gas soon

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