Why Study At Gordonstoun

Students around the globe enjoy pursuing their education at Gordonstoun, a famous school and home for many royal family members, including Prince Philip.

New students may expect their peers and teacher’s motivations in various ways to make remarkable memories.

Once students join Gordonstoun, they make and meet young people from different countries.

With this, Gordonstoun’s pupils can gain a deeper understanding and cultural awareness of different beliefs.

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Together, the students embark on various opportunities, expeditions, and experiences offered at Gordonstoun School.

At Gordonstoun, we encourage pupils to participate in several activities, pairing them with experience to help them excel.

With a vast space, students have the chance to discover themselves with the comfort they require.

Gordonstoun is more than a school and more like home.

 Extra-Curricular and Curricular Opportunities

A normal day at Gordonstoun starts with an assembly at Gordonstoun’s chapel, and then the students follow a timetable of provoking subjects, modern and traditional.

Pupils of ages ten usually narrow their studies where they choose courses that would lead to global higher education and recognizable qualifications.

Through the various expeditions and remote inspiring programs, students develop and learn the need to respect their natural environment.

Both senior and junior schools follow the ISC program, a unique and core education program at Gordonstoun School.

On the other hand, Gordonstoun offers extensive extra-curricular activities and subjects, including dance, musical production, and drama.

Other activities that the students enjoy are first aid training and taking part in environmental activities.

To make sure that the pupils acquire the best education, Gordonstoun School has several world-class facilities.

One of these facilities is the modern sports center with squash courts, sports hall, dance studio, fitness suite, climbing wall, and performance gym.

Additionally, pupils enjoy golf and indoor shooting range courses, playing fields, and netball courts.

Generally, Gordonstoun provides students with the chance to develop emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically.

That is because, at Gordonstoun, we understand that broad experience broadens a student’s mind.

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