Yubo Elevating the Gen Z Generation

Yubo realizes that customer demand changes with each generation. Millennials, for example, prefer goods and services that are affordable and accessible. However, as Gen Z ages and becomes the most prominent consumer generation today, corporations worldwide recognize a yearning for social change. Gen Z, born between 1995 and 2010, is genuinely a digital native. Furthermore, they grew up with the internet, social media, and mobile gadgets. In addition, Gen Z prioritizes social transformation above money. They will typically pay extra to promote a cause they believe in. They like to back tech businesses that share their ideas in this vein.

Yubo recognizes identity. The word “identity” has evolved throughout time. Historically, the term was connected with a person’s race, religion, or political beliefs. It now includes cultural links, gender identity, and societal ideals, to mention a few. In response, it has built a social network that allows users to interact with others who share their beliefs, no matter where they are on the globe. This platform has a duty in assisting their younger members in building a good identity. Online bullying or attack based on sexuality, ethnicity, religion, disability, or gender identity was reported by a quarter of 13- to 17-year-old. We take action against allegations of racism, homophobia, and other online hatred on our site.

Yubo approves of the LGTBQ community, and everyone can be included here. According to its representatives , the CEO, Sacha Lazimi, agrees to embrace and incorporate the whole community. To assist the users in expressing themselves honestly, they currently provide a choice of gender identities and pronouns for their accounts. Additionally, it has been at the forefront of admonishing mental illness stigma. The stigma of mental illness may cause emotions of guilt and self-consciousness, frequently aggravating the disease. But Gen Z is challenging the mental health taboo, bringing its difficulties and concerns to the fore. It has created a new platform built on inclusion and educates users and the wider public.


Whether advocating social or racial justice, identity acceptance or encouraging mental wellness, the Yubo app team is constantly working to help its various community of users. Targeting Gen Z and listening to their concerns, Yubo and its users can make a difference in today’s most critical challenges

Original source to learn more: https://www.data.ai/en/apps/ios/app/1038653883/